World-Class Products

How We Got Started

In 1998, Polymer Concepts was born to supply high-end pressure relief XcelGel™ pads and positioners to the operating suites of hospitals across the world. These pads help reduce interface pressure and shear forces during long surgical procedures.

The excellent pressure reduction of XcelGel™ and shock absorbency characteristics have led to numerous additional applications including wheelchair seating, mattress overlays, surgical applications, race car and motorcycle seat padding, computer shock mounts and knee protectors. 

Other unique products developed by Polymer Concepts, Inc. are the HeelPleezr™, an effective method for preventing pressure sores of the heel for the bedridden and the NeePleezr™, providing superb support and cushioning comfort to the help the user avoid kneecap pain.

Our small size and nature of our manufacturing process allow us to be flexible in developing custom designs.  XcelGel™ can be combined with other cushioning materials such as foams, to meet specific industrial, medical and consumer needs.